Asante Sana for Your Support

Thank You

This is an overdo thank you for your contribution to the 2022 Karen and Tom Mission to Bukura. We were there to witness the impact your donation made — it immediately improved the lives of the children and their care-takers. Your generosity started before we even got on the plane. The call went out for clothes and toys and friends and family did not disappoint. Thank you Kathleen, Lisa and daughters, Jim, Dad, Marc and Tracy, Arelis, Tracy V, Dan and Jill, Rachel, and Mary – they loved each and every item and it brought joy and smiles to all of them.

The Goal Grew

Our main goal was to raise enough money to tile the dining room floor. If you followed this blog you saw the additional needs for the home presented itself the minute we left the airport when the only vehicle the home has broke down. The car was going to be in the shop until it was repaired and paid. This meant there was no transportation for the children to get to school, doctors, store and us to get where we needed to go. We added this to the list of funds we knew we needed to raise.

We purchased the tile for the dining room and made the decision to also purchase the tile needed for the nursery and girls rooms. We anticipated the donations would come in to cover the additional cost and take advantage of current prices. Your donations covered it all – I knew it. Tom and I would only have the time to tile the dining room so we put aside money to hire a local mason. We are not sure if they will be able to do it or Tom and I will be back to do it next year. Anyone want to come and help?

The Difference a Dollar Makes

We can’t believe how generous you were. A special thank you to Paul and Linda, Tom H., Bonnie and Jim, Kevin M., Casey, Chris M., Donna D., Solid Foundation, Flo and Carroll, Ken and Karen, Esther and Jeff, Jen W., Jim F., Ray M., Gretchen, Katherine G., Antoinette P., Michael B., and Joel P. We raised $3,000. This is an amazing amount when the average hourly wage in under $2.00. Together with your love for children around the world, faith in Tom and I to honor your donation, and be your hands we were we able to put 100% of your donation to where it is needed most. Joy and Mama Jacinta would allocate the donations to where they felt it was most needed:

Fresh Milk: – $180/month to pay the local farmer to bring the children milk.

Auntie Salaries– $1,000/month for these amazing women who take care of the children 24/7.

Medical – $100/month to make sure they have medical care.

School – $100/month for school supplies and an education.

Driver/Car – $100/month for upkeep and get the children to school and doctors every day.

Dogs – $5/month to help feed the guard dogs on property.

Race for Rehema

I could not let you go without sharing the next fundraiser: Race for Rehema. I hope you can join.

Again, asante sana.

Karen and Tom