Wheat Fields, And Then Some

Today is a short blog for a long day. Our first 17km was through endless wheat fields.


The sun shone again and was actually warm. At one break we were greeted by Rick in his usual fashion. We purchased food for our trek the night before and we were surprised by a little beverage truck in the middle of no where.


So we stopped and enjoyed our fresh bread,cheese and chorizo.


We were very excited to get to our Albergue- Jacques de Molay in Terradillos de Templarios because after 27 km all of our dogs were barking. Well, we found out that they cancel your reservations after 330. The bad news was we did not have a room but as Rick said our walk would be shorter the next day. Yup, 3 more km down the Camino was a place- actually not as bad as it looks. They fed us a wonderful pasta dinner downstairs.


After 30km, we r going to see how we feel in the morning and decide where we go from there.

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