Entering Galicia

June 6
Laguna de Castilla is really the last town in Castilla. We quickly came upon another type of marker telling us that we are in Galicia. We will follow these markers all the way to Santiago.

It was a beautiful hike up high in the mountains and stopped for breakfast in O’Cebreiro, another significant gateway on the Camino because it has administered to the needs of pilgrims since the 12th century.



We stopped in Fonfria, a typical Galician village. When I tell you these are farming villages, take a look at what goes by behind us sitting outside having lunch at a restaurant.

Shortly after this it started to rain and continued until we got to Triacastela. Nearby are the quarries that provided the limestone used I the building of Santiago. Medieval pilgrims would carry as much as they were able to the kilns to help. We are hoping the packs we are carrying will remind us of their sacrifice.

One thought on “Entering Galicia

  1. These are wonderful and my friend Mary Callaway is so very relaxed and happy. I bet we’re having as much fun as are you simply watching this daily review. It is so very much better than I expected, thank God. I am joyous simply watching your journey unfold. That doesn’t mean we won’t wselcome our Pilgrim when she comes home. We will celebrate this journey the rest of our lives. with thanks and blessings to you all from Mary Critikos

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