Oh Sure, This Is Good Idea

20140610-223856-81536218.jpgOn our way from Palas de Rei, there is an opportunity to take a detour off the Camino to see Castillo Pambre- a 14th century castle. Now, Rick did warn us that there was a chance we could get there but maybe not our way back to the Camino. It started off with a beautiful hike



20140610-224510-81910678.jpgwhich led us straight to the castle.


20140610-224850-82130447.jpg. Now the fun began and it began with a little bush whacking:

20140610-225047-82247815.jpgYes, that is an actual path we were following, needless to say we did not run across any other pilgrims on this trail. Hmmm, wonder why?

20140610-225312-82392654.jpg Our adventure added on an extra 8 to 10 k onto our day and we were so happy to get to our Albergue in Castaneda.


4 thoughts on “Oh Sure, This Is Good Idea

  1. Hi Honey – Hope you get this. Puerta del Sol is center of Madrid. No major sight is more than 15 minute walk from here.

    Plaza Mayor is SW of of Pueerta del Sol – is 17th century Madrid. Rick Steves recommends a stop for coffee.

    Plaza de Espana (modern Madrid) is NW of Puerta del Sol. the 32nd floor in the Madrid Tower has a great view of city

    Royal Palace (Palacio Real) is West of Puerta del Sol and 15 min walk from Plaza de Espana. Visit early or at lunch.

    Prado Museum is east of Puerta del Sol – follow the many stages of the artist Goya. Rick also recommends Flemish and Northern art and the Italian collection. Take a tour or buy a guidebook.

    Retiro Park is East of the Prado. Wonderful for a stroll. Everyone strolls at night all over Madrid. That is why the siesta! Much love, Mom

  2. Karen – this made me laugh out loud over my coffee! The experience… all about the experience. I love your sense of adventure… it is inspiring!

  3. Karen! I am enjoying your posts everyday. Please say hi to Monica and Rick for mr and tell them I am following your adventures. Nancy Stock

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