Mastering the MRT and the First Big Win

Sunday we decided to master the mass transit system to take in some culture on our own. BUT,  first a stop at our favorite International Buffet to see what the serve for lunch. Oh, my, my, my…..I think you get the essence.

Ok-back to mastering the MRT.

It is probably the cleanest, easiest system we both have tackled outside the US-and quite frankly inside as well!  It reminded us more like an airport shuttle system, but complete with lovely music and free WIFI! (And no urine smell, garbage or people begging for money)

We were also “schooled” on how to properly queue up-I am sure this would work in the NYC subways.



Only when the cold season comes, then we know the pine tree and the cypress are the last to lose there leaves.

Guess who says that?

Confucius Temple
This temple was the largest and most ancient of China’s Confucius temples. It is located at the original site of Confucius residence, it has grown over the course for some 2,000 years and serves as a blueprint for Confucius temples in every province of China.

Play Ball!

The first game was played against Hola! Mexico at  the Taipei Tianmu Baseball Stadium. 

Chr​is led off the game as the first at bat, with


a local alumni crowd cheering him on.

At the end it was a W!!!!!!!

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