USA 13 Russia 3

The morning we spent navigating other venues and events. (There is a great story of our adventure that we decided not to make public for our self pride sake-but get a glass or two of wine in is and we will tell you the whole story).

The game on Tuesday was a night game starting at 630pm. We were thrilled and anticipated the coolness of the night. Did I tell you how freakin hot it is here??? Ok, to be fair it did drop to under 90.  The game was at a different stadium which we brilliantly navigated ourselves to-we are so proud how we mastered the MRT and a little help from Uber!

The Iowa alumni was out in full force to root on the boys to their victory.  When it comes to sports, it really doesn’t matter what country you are from- there is respect shown for the dedication and effort.

After each game we go and wait for the boys to get on the bus. There are 3 Moms, a cousin and an Aunt here so at least three boys get warm hugs, encouragement from family.

But we aren’t their only biggest fans. The ex-pats and locals come to meet the boys and show their support, ask for autographs and take pictures. So, so cute and a thrill for the boys.

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