And on the 7th day….

We rested – well sort of kind of. Even on Sunday it starts early around here. Everyone up by 6-630 to get breakfast and ready for church. The church clothes are kept with Natalie and Lauren in their quarters so they are kept neat and clean. Every child has to go up and ask for their clothes and then return them after church.

This is wearing her new dress that Bryn from my office bought for her.

I walked with the bigger kids and the smaller ones were taken by car.

It was about a 20 minute walk on a beautiful sunny morning and you could hear songs of worship coming from various buildings along the way.

This is the PEFA church of Bukura (double green doors). The organization that sponsors the home. The service started with a wonderful song (in Swahili) with everyone singing and clapping hands and then going around and saying hello. Everyone said Karibu to me with a smile and a handshake.

The sermon was given by a parishioner in English with an interpreter in Swahili. It was about the power of forgiveness and why it is necessary to let go to let God take you forward.

We walked back and I joined Mr. Tiling Tom to continue my grout work before our day of rest began. We first went to the home of Mr. Paul for lunch. He is a friend of Tom’s from the time he spent in Tanzania at the Tumaini School. The picture below is his home, his parents and siblings.

We were welcomed into his home and honored with a meal of ugali, kuku, greens and rice (eaten by hands).

This is a typical road trip!

We then ventured to our final destination the Rondo House at the edge of the Kakamega Forest.

They served us tea and cake on the porch when we arrived and we reveled in the silence-something we haven’t had since arriving at Bukura

After tea and before dinner we toured the beautiful grounds and made arrangements for a hike up to see the sunrise over the forest. We start out at 530am.

2 thoughts on “And on the 7th day….

  1. You look incredibly happy. What a beautiful place. Road looked super bumpy. But the cake must have been delicious. Learning from reading your blogging that it really is about the simple things and kind acts.

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