Our last day

It was a typical day for us. Walked the kids to school. Worked on the last tiling and grouting and helped with babies and toddlers

I was able to meet Peggy today.

She is the lady that has been carrying $1000’s of unpaid debt for the milk that she supply’s every day. Through the fundraising from the most generous and amazing friends I was able to tell her that her debt is paid and there is money set aside to pay her to continue the delivery. It was a really special moment for both is us.

This is Natalya Bondar the administrator o Rehema. She has been here for 9 years taking care of this place and children.

This is Lauren Ouwenga. She also lives here and partners with Nat to manage this place.

And of course you know my shadow, Grace.

We had so much fun last night having movie night you can see by the shoes at our door we decided to host another night for the kids.


I start my journey home tomorrow to Nairobi and then to the states on Sunday. Please send prayers that I get home and that Mr Tom has a safe journey to Tanzania and home too.

The world I am going home to has changed and so have I. Will need some time to let these two weeks sink in. It won’t be a goodbye tomorrow-that I know-only until next time.

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