Glad to be in Glasgow

We made it and everything went fairly smooth. We left Rochester at 1230pm to Atlanta (2 hour flight and 2 hour layover). We then had an 8 hour flight to Amsterdam for another 2 hour layover and then a quick 1 1/2 hop over the North Sea to Glasgow. We landed at 1030am.

Of we go and looking forward to what’s ahead

Traveling during COVID has its challenges but I have a feeling this is the way it will be for quite awhile. This was the picture that had us laughing and crying in the middle of the Atlantic. Yes, this is Liz trying to sleep.

Prior to traveling we had to have a negative covid test 72 hours before entering Scotland. We had to be fully vaccinated and fill out various patient locator forms. All of which needed to be available at anytime. Most travelers were walking around holding folders filled with printed paper work. We also had to arrange to have a self administered test sent to our first hotel to make sure we are negative to stay in the country.

The UK including Scotland is over 80% vaccinated so we feel safer here then at home. Masks are worn just as at home – when on public transportation, public places and when entering into a restaurant before you sit down to eat.

Kelvingrove Cafe

We were beat when we got to The Kelvingrove Hotel and headed out for a pub to get some lunch. We are in the West End of Glasgow that is more of the cultural district with the University of Glasgow, Museums, shops and restaurants.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

After a needed nap we headed out for a nighttime stroll to Ashton Lane and to see the neighborhood at night and see what we could find.

University of Glasgow

Glasgow is a smallish city with less then a million residence and 3 million in surrounding areas. Here is tip – make sure you make dinner reservations ahead of time. They roll up the sidewalks here at 10pm – a little different in other cities where the nightlife is just coming alive.

Ashton Lane
Rioja Restaurant

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