Milngavie to Drymen

12 miles, 36000 steps

What do you get when you cross a sheep, a woolly cow, a hiker from Holland, a wee dram of whisky and a rainbow? Our first day on the trail.

The sun came out for the start of our journey

We started out about 830am and the sun was shining on us. We were anxious. Were we prepared, what lied ahead, would our feet outlast the trail, what about the weather, where were we staying – all these were running through our head as we took the first step.

Our smiles at the start –

We had a 12 mile hike ahead of us and were thrilled that the sun was out to send us off. In fact, we were treated by something that meant something to both of us.

Ok, back to the sheep, cow, girl and whisky. I was telling Liz that how cool would it be if we saw all the things they said we would see on the trail from the “catalog”. Well we saw them today – bear with me on the pics.

It was a great trail and the weather cooperated for most of the part. We still have not figured out when in Scotland it says 50% rain everyday. Does that mean there is a 50% chance of raining or that it is going to rain 50% of the time. We will let you know. Well, here is what the rain brought today.

Just off the trail was the GlenGoyne Distillary and when we met Rachel from Holland. The three of us decided to take a quick detour-in the rain – to see if we could get a wee dram and we did.

Slainte Mhaith

How cute is that pic — mine was not as cute

We still had 6 miles to go but the shot warmed our cockles. A lunch stop at Beech Tree for soup and then on to Drymen.

Town Square at Drymen

We got to our B&B at 430 (yes since 830) and needed eats – so we went into town to go find one of the oldest pubs and get lunch for the next day. We went to THE PUB in town and low and beyond met up with Rachel.

Keep in touch sister.

An amazing first day. Tomorrow is a 14 mile hike so heading off to bed.

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