Inverarnan to Tyndrum

12 miles, 31,000 steps, 1/2 way done

Hey, guess what the weather was today? You won’t guess….yup, RAIN. And not only rain, but some wind thrown in just to make it more interesting. We are a bit sick of the rain but today’s hike was a good one with lots of interesting sites.

The sun did come out to tease us in the beginning for about, Oh – 2 minutes. So we know it exists.

At one point we had to use a sheep creep to continue our our path.

The best part of today’s hike was when we reached Crianlarich crossroads. It meant that we have officially completed 1/2 of the WHW.

48 miles done and 48 more to go.

We stopped for a quick, and I mean quick, picnic lunch before heading off fo the next half of the day. A beautiful view greeted us – with the sun.

Our hotel packed us a wonderful lunch with a sandwich, chips, and lots of chocolate treats.

The next half of the hike started as we entered a very thick conifer plantation. I learned that Scotland did not have any trees because of the quality of the soil for over 3000 years. Conifers are planted since they can thrive in the thin soil and later used for energy – meaning less reliance on foreign sources. You can see in the above picture areas of these trees.

Carpet of moss covered the floor of the plantation.

We were inside the forest for at least an 1 1/2 hours which gave us a wonderful refuge from the rain.

After passing an old viaduct we had only 3 more miles to go and our dogs were howling and needed a pick-me-up to get us to go the last bit.

When we crossed into a farmers field and were greeted by some onlookers that just made us laugh.

What are you looking at?

We passed the ruins of St. Fillan’s Chapel and its graveyard that dates back to the 8th Century and is protected today.

We also passed areas of great battles. One of them was the Battle of Dalrigh

We are staying tonight at the Tyndrum Lodges which provided us a wonderful treat – laundry and a drying room for all of our wet clothes and gear. We are looking forward to a short 10 miles hike tomorrow which we are grateful for since it is going to be —- what? Yes, you guessed it RAINING.

4 thoughts on “Inverarnan to Tyndrum

  1. Hi Karen, Wow 48 miles! You are amazing! Really enjoying your pictures snd commentary. I almost feel like I’m right there with you except for the exhausting traveling and wet weather! 😂 I hope the second half goes smoothly and with more sunshine. See you soon!

  2. That sheep could be a meme. He’s funny.
    I just can’t process how old the cemetery was, I was trying to calculate the date by considering how many generations have passed. Incredible.

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