Ok, well they do have WiFi

Today’s hike was short compared to the days before – only 9 miles and it was a breath of fresh air on our feet and legs. We had mostly military road to walk on and the sites were glorious

All along the trail our friends would be there encouraging us on or asking: why?

The rain held off for most of the day. We stopped many times in amazement on where we were and what we were doing.

With every hardship there is a side that we don’t always see. I try to look at the positive side of everything and believe that our lord shows it to us if we choose to see it.

We came across a little village called Bridge or Orchy. It was the first time we saw a sign in Gaelic. It had a train stop a hotel, community center and yes, a bridge.

The bridge.

We loved that this town was so concerned for our safety.

The last mile or so is always the hardest especially when you can see your hot shower in the distance.

Inveronan Hotel

It is a bed and breakfast in the middle of the highlands and a little place of heaven. It is run by a couple and a bartender from Hungary. They have been working everyday since the beginning of the season in April and will be shutting down in two weeks for the winter.

When we arrived we were asked to bring down our wet clothes for the drying room and what we would like to have for dinner and our packed lunch the next day.

There are only 9 rooms and booked a season in advance. We were able to get in because of our late season booking.

Having dinner like this on a long distance hike is incredible and we enjoyed every bit of it from the Haggis to the steak and Guiness pie to the sticky toffee cake and ice cream.

Good night deer .

7 thoughts on “Ok, well they do have WiFi

  1. Beautiful pictures – fun to imagine the journey you are on! Love your posts! Way to be JOIful in the rain! All our love – Matt and Char

  2. Oh my goodness the hotel room with the deer wallpaper must have been so welcoming. Adorable place! And such a treat after all the many steps you’ve had. I love the sheep, please bring one of those home with you. 🙂

    I’m really happy for you. Love you.

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