Fort William

We started out extra early since we knew we had a long 15+mile day ahead of us. We are tired, sore and blistered but eager to get this last leg of our journey done. The first 4 were up and up and up out of Kinlochleven.

The next 8 were a wonderful hike through a pass. The sun was out the whole time and we would stop to chat with the fellow hikers who we had been with for the last week. Some were heading home, some were spending the next day climbing Ben Nevis and some continuing on The Great Glen Way to Inverness.

We stopped for a picnic lunch when Ben Nevis started to come into view. Ben Nevis is the Mt Marcy of the UK standing at 4,413 feet. Though a bit smaller it looks massive without trees.

Ben Nevis

With 3 miles to go it was all down hill.

A birthday call

We never have our phones on and keep them in airplane mode when a minute after this picture was taken my phone rang. How? I have no idea. It was my Mom and Dad singing Happy Birthday to me. It was the best present.

Liz captured the moment of me talking
Fort William in site!

Of course, the last 2 miles it rained to remind us where we were but we pushed on until we saw the official line and a statue.

“Man With Sore Feet”
The official pic
How we feel

We went out for a wee dram to celebrate our accomplishment. What an amazing journey and could not have spent my birthday any better. It was a bonnie one for sure. Thank you to all of you who sent messages along the Way. Love to you all.

We had not seen a thistle the whole trip and just as we were ending our journey we spotted one. It is the country’s national emblem as if the WHW was saying “brilliant, Karen and Liz well done”

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