Plan once, shop twice

I guess you could say this was our first official day here at the orphanage and the welcomes continued. There were lots of hugs as the Aunties we worked with last time came on for their shifts. We spent most of the day shopping, buying supplies and planning for our projects ahead of us. We met with our hosts and discussed what the most important things that needed to be done. Some of the projects are to large and complicated for our short visit and some we will begin and go as far as we can go.

Kakamega Town

Jack, our driver, took us to Kakamega in a borrowed car that had its share of ailments, but made it back safe and sound. Our first stop was the tile shop. We have been asked to continue the work we did in the children’s play room and tile the cement dining room. It is another fairly large room – 14×28.

We dragged George along and between Jack and George we were able to find and communicate what we needed. I will be posting the fundraising site tomorrow to help pay for the materials with of course the labor by yours truly and Mr. Tom.

20 Liters of Cooking Oil

Next stop was the food+everything-else-store. We needed to buy food and water for our first week. We also asked what the home needed and the ask was some of the basic staples – cooking oil, sugar, diapers, laundry and bar soap. Industrial sizes, please!

Can it all fit? All but the tile – back tomorrow with a truck to pick it up

On our way back we had to make our way around there HUGE trackers pulling giants wagon 14 foot long just harvested sugar cane. Because the tractors were going so slow, folks along the street would walk up to it and pull a rod out. It did not seem to bother the driver LOL. No, I did not ask what they make with sugar cane — who would ask that? For those that are asking, yes, it is sugar. We later found out that because of recent weather conditions since 2020 Kenya has been able to increase their crop growth by 50% and is helping many farmers.

What would a home away from home be without a cat and of course with the Cat Whisperer in residence we have one.

Another special blessing

Tonight around 830 as we were sitting in our room making plans for the next day we heard this beautiful sound of African women singing in harmony coming across the grounds. It was the Aunties in a devotion. Tom, George and I went over to peer in the window and listen. They were standing in a circle singing in perfect harmony, eyes closed and arms stretched out wide. After the song they each turned around, kneeled and leaned on a chair and prayed out loud. It was a moment I will not forget.

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