Necessity is the Mama of Invention

The kids did not have school today because yesterday was Labour Day and not tomorrow because of Eid al-Fitr today. This means we had plenty of companionship while we started out project.

Tom, George and the two oldest boys, Brian and Calvin got a matato around 8 am and headed back into town for the tile (that is why I said shop twice in my previous post.

Soon after they left I was greeted with these faces and their beanie babies asking if they could continue to color their pictures from the day before.

Good morning Auntie Karen, want to color?

Tom and the gang came back with 50 boxes of tile and I was told it was quite the adventure to get everything needed for us to start. Just a few things we would need, bucket, notched trowel, spacers, adhesive, and grout. Can you think of anything else we may need……..anything?

How much tile can Tom cut if he could cut tile?

To our credit, there was a manual tile cutter that we found in the tool shed. Bam, beats last year when Tom had to hand saw each piece to cut it. Wellllllll, that would work if the blade was sharp. We have no idea where we would find another blade and going into town AGAIN would be painful. However, Mr. Ingenuity a.k.a. Mr. Tom is in his thinking chair trying to figure out a solution. One being how can we tile a room without cutting or at least keep going so we don’t waste anytime waiting for another trip into town (a morning lost). Have no fear – Tom was already able to figure out how to fix the non-working toilet and shower, so what is a little tile cutting compared to that.

Movie Night

It was one more night of a treat to a movie on the big screen since there is no school tomorrow. Babies are asleep, toddlers in bed, nightly devotion done and time for a cup a tea and relax with the kids — until Mr. Tom comes up with a solution of course.

One thought on “Necessity is the Mama of Invention

  1. Hi Karen, I hope you are doing well. I don’t see where we can make sure our donation goes to yours and Tom’s mission so I’m holding off sending it. Let me know if I missed it or it hasn’t been set up as one of the options yet. Keep the pics and videos coming. Love them!

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