When endings are only the beginning

Our Mama Jacinta

Today we got up and out to Kakamega around 8 to do some last minute errands. We had to get our PCR test, exchange the last of our money and make returns of the many cutting apparatuses we tried along the way. And, we went in the Rehema car that was fixed. We should get our PCR test results by tomorrow at 6pm. We do need some prayers that everything happens according to plan tomorrow. We will leave Bukura at 4pm and head to Kisumu a little early for our flight to hit the Masai Craft Market. Our flight leaves at 730 and gets us into Nairobi at 830. The gives us 3 hours before our 15 hour flight back to JFK.

On our way back we stopped for some “street-treats” which was roasted corn.

The afternoon was continuing the final touches on the floor with still a bit more to do tomorrow morning. As I told you the rain falls everyday at 3pm. Well, today we had a full out hail storm – yes, hail. It was quite the storm. Rena, the cook, ran from the kitchen into the dining room because the tin roof started to shutter and the rain came in. Even the dogs came into the dining room with us to wait out the storm.

We had tea with Auntie Lauren and Mama Jacinta to better understand the needs of the home which are vast. I will be posting tomorrow where your donations went and will go and show where we still need to provide help. It will be tough to say goodbye tomorrow especially to the children. Tom walked down to the Bukura market and brought back some sugar cane for everyone. It was a special treat for all of us on our last night together.

Even though tomorrow is our last day and the end of our time here in Bukura, we will continue to pray, remember and think of ways to continue to help this amazing home, caretakers and children. More tomorrow on how we can move forward together. Asante Sana.

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