Burgos to Hornillos

What a great first day on the Camino. I was excited when I saw my first scallop shell, the first of many that will guide us for the next 4 weeks. Today took us through quaint little towns and beautiful country side. It was cool in the 60s but the sun was always with us. Tomorrow expecting rain, and not looking forward to that at all. We stopped for lunch in Rabe de las Calzados where the owner gave each of us a St. Mary’s medal for our backpacks. This time Rick had to order since the owner did not speak English and there were no menus. All I can say is that there was some part of an animal we ate and was told better not to ask. The trail to Hornillos del Camino was picturesque taking to the high point on the Meseta and then down the other side called Mule-killer Slope. Unfortunately, the municipal alberque was full when we got there, but in true Rick style and after some conversations in Spanish with a variety of people he pointed to a van and told us to get in. We were driven to a bed and breakfast outside of town where we dined family style with other pilgrims. Between Spanish, French, and English, we were able to wish each other well. Tomorrow’s destination is Castrojeriz, 20km.



<img src=”https://karensjoi.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/20140520-183622-66982128.jpg”



4 thoughts on “Burgos to Hornillos

  1. So glad to hear you are on your way-wishing you good thoughts, a clear head, and rested feet each morning! Janis

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