The Rain in Spain Does Fall Mainly on the Plain

And boy did we get it. It started even before we got our packs on. In addition the heavy wind was against us making the rain feel like pebbles being thrown at us. Oh yea, add 50 degree temperature in the mix! We all had a jacket to help keep our tops dry except “she who must not be named”. Within minutes the realization set in that Elizabeth brought a windbreaker and not a rain jacket. So Rick took out his tarp and tied it around her. It did very little for her, but gave us the giggles every time we looked at her keeping our spirits up. We took a detour after a few hours and found refuge at San Bol alberque to try and get the feeling back in our hands and feet. When we left there the rain stopped for a bit but left behind a Camino of mud. More laughing ensued as we tried to navigate through the mess. When we came out of lunch atEl Puntido , the sun was out. We came across San Anton, an ancient monastery and hospice where bread was left for pilgrims in two alcoves. We got to Castroojeriz and found some beds at the municipal alberque- the cost- a donation of your choice. We were told when shown our beds that we were not allowed to get out of bed until 630am. I don’t think that will be a problem. Tomorrow we head to Fromista, 25 km.







5 thoughts on “The Rain in Spain Does Fall Mainly on the Plain

  1. Elizabeth has such great rain gear style(thanks to Rick) and the mud must remind her of Karatu. Glad your having a good time, the pics are great.

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  3. Enjoying following your journey! Why is it that the imperfect makes a perfect memory – we seldom recall a raincoat but we all love the tarp when one is missing!!! Made me chuckle! You are creating great stories! Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts!!!

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