On the Road Again.

Leaving Leon we passed San Isadoro an 11th century Basilica Church. There was a Door of Forgiveness through which medieval pilgrims, too ill to travel on to Santiago, could still receive forgiveness.



We also passed the Leon Museo and stopped to sit with a pilgrim of old resting.



After our morning ritual of stopping for cafe in La Virgen del Camino we were soon off the hard surface of the streets and back on a dirt trail. Even with the rain, there was something comforting about it.

We came across a man selling fruit,coffee, nuts and chocolate to pilgrims for a donation.

20140528-184005-67205567.jpg<It was a fairly short day of 22km to Villar de Mazarife, but blisters are really getting the best of some of us.


We are staying at Tio Pepe- Uncle Peter and have a great room for just the five of us.


Of course right next to a church dedicated to St James.


I have to share my journal with you. Debbie, Lindsey and Jenna gave me a journal with a saying or note for me to read every day. When I opened today’s day I found this note and had to share. It made us all laugh.


We had another nice dinner after we used our dictionary to find out what are choices where on the pilgrims menu.


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again.

  1. Karen, I am enjoying (and envious) reading your daily posts and seeing your photos. Watched “The Way” last weekend and got some more folks hooked on following your journey. Praying for good weather and rested feet for you and your traveling companions!

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