In a Little Spanish Town…..

This is yesterday’s blog since I did not have wifi last night.

We left Villar de Mazariffe (pop 400)


And stopped for cafe with some other pilgrims in Villavante. They were from Denmark , Germany, and Portland!


Lunch was in Hospital de Orbigo after crossing Puente de Orbigo

It is one of the longest and best preserved medieval bridges in Spain dating back to the 13th century.
The legend says that on this bridge a knight from Leon confronted some foreigners who wanted to cross it in a duel in order to undo a pledge of slavery to his beloved Lady Leonor, under which he would have to fast every Thursday and wear a heavy iron ring around his neck. He must have broken 300 lances. He did not succeed, but the judges of the contest repaid Don Suero by freeing him from the ring. For this reason, the bridge is known as Passo Honroso (Honourable Crossing).


One of the great feelings is when you come over the hill and see the town you are going to stay in on the horizon. We decided to stay in Suntibanez de Valderglesia to break up the 20mile trek to Astorga. We always head for the church which is the tallest structure in town and the Albergue is usually close by.

Ok back to small towns. Our last town was bustling compared to this one. This was a one horse town but with out the horse.


We checked into an Albergue run by the church of the Holy Trinity- how bad could that be. Well, there is an ivy branch growing in the bathroom stall. The place was run by Juan, a pilgrim that walked ten years ago and now volunteers for 5 months running the place.


If you saw the movie The Way we thought we met the crazy guy. But as in life Juan surprised us all. He made the best paella and we had a family style dinner with people from Russia, Australia, Germany, and Canada. The night turned into a night of song where we were treated to Danny Boy in Spanish.

20140530-180539-65139802.jpg. Love these little towns.

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