Puente La Reina to Estella, October 7, 2016

Our first few steps on our 14 mile hike took us over Puenta de Arga, Bridge of the Queen. In the 11th century there was only one way of crossing the River Arga, by hiring someone to take you across in their boat. Unfortunately, seeing an opportunity to make money, these people overcharged the pilgrims for the privilege of being ferried across the river.

Queen Doña Mayor the wife of Sancho III ordered a bridge to be built over the river and thus gave the town its name. I thought it was interesting to be standing on this midieval with a modern bridge in the distance. Which one do you think will last longer?

And if you think that is old. We walked on an original Roman road that is over 2,000 years old. Really?

Our path started taking us through beautiful vineyards and olive tree groves. Just add a wheat field and we have the makings of a party. 

We came across this man who was very happy to have us try this weird looking thing

It turned out to be a fig and quite tasty

Estella was a beautiful town founded in 1090! It has literally been a walk through and over history today. 

3 thoughts on “STELLA!

  1. Guess you picked the right time of the year. Beautiful! Seems quite different than the last time. Have a great hike Karen. We missed you at the last JOI hike.

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