A Wine Fountain— Water into Wine? I Knew It!

Estella to Los Arcos, October 8, 2016

Yup, coming out of STELLA! I saw a sign. Could it really be? A fountain just for pilgrims that gives you wine?

Ok, it is only 830 in the morning, and there is a line, so I had better get in it!

But my water bottles are filled with water!  What do to, what to do….oh, how nice of them to put a vending machine with glasses and bottles. So of course I bought one, it would be rude not to (ok the guy next to me demonstrated the water part)

Today’s hike was just beautiful and the wine fountain was just the first gift. Look at this scenery. 

Came across this cafe for breakfast. A cafe con leche and tortilla every day so far, but who is counting. 

And then I come around a bend and I hear music. The gifts keep on coming. 

Here was a gift of absolute beauty and tranquility. 

Hey! Hay!  Just wanted to show you the hay stack. 

Los Arcos is a beautiful town, with history dating back to the 900’s. In the main square is the Church of Santa Maria. 

After dinner I was able to sit out in the courtyard, listen to the belles chime and talk to my Mom and Dad. The greatest gift of all. 

Oh wait, there was one more. When I got back to my bunk I had a little gift of the furry kind. 

May your day be filled with gifts of beauty, family, wine and song…and a little one to snuggle with you in your sleeping bag. 

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