A True Camino Day: Carrot Cake and Jesus

Los Arcos to Viana, October 9, 2016

Yes, it was one of those Camino Days, starting one way, ending another.  It is early Sunday morning around 730 as we headed out on our 12 mile walk. And this is how it started. From behind me:

And ahead of me. The rising sun kissed the hills a beautiful red hue. 

I put in my ear buds, hit shuffle, and the song that started to play was the song  Good Morning, from Mandisa:

It’s a good morning!

Wake up to a brand new day

This morning,

I’m stepping, I’m stepping, stepping on my way

Good morning,

You give me strength,

You give me just what I need

And I can feel the hope that’s rising in me.

It’s a good morning

The path took us mostly on natural paths and dirt tracks through open farmland with little reminders along the way of how much this country cares for pilgrims. 

Our alburgue tonight was in one of the most historical places so far. It was originally a monistery right next to the ruins of the Church of St. Peter (damaged in a war in the 15th century). 

Ended up sitting in the shadows of the ruins laughing and sharing stories with other pilgrims from different parts of the world and finding a wonderful connection  with three wonderful ladies- Anne, Dawn and Jade. We were all going to go to dinner but the restaurants were closed until 8 and it was only 5pm. 

And as The Camino provides we saw this sign 

Ok,  I will be honest, the carrot cake, cushy chairs and candels were a big draw. We sat and meditated while our hosts read passages from the Bible about trusting in our path and place in the world. Afterwards, we sat, drank tea and continued to share, not as pilgrims, but as new friends. 

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