From Wheat To Woods

Beldorado to San Juan Ortega, October 14, 2016

Today was a long 15 miler but the terrain changed so much it made it enjoyable. 

The trail went through a few small towns, and I mean small. Some of them with inhabitants of 100 people. At one point I came over a hill and heard Elvis music. I can upon this area with stumps of wood to sit and rest. 

On a women selling fruit water and of course wine. 

The nights albergue was in a monastery built by Saint John of Ortega himself, with the help of his friend and fellow saint, Domingo de la Calzada, around 1142 as a help point to the pilgrims. 

It had two rooms with 50 beds, a little cafe and a church. Mass was at 6 and the priest invited pilgrims to come up a read the readings and prayer of the faithful. When you walked in you could get a copy of the mass in your own language to follow along as the priest said the mass in  Spanish. So, when the pilgrims  came up to read it was said in their own language. It was truly wonderful. 

A simple meal was then served and off to bed before the lights go out at 10am sharp. 

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