Hey! Hay

Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado, October 13, 2016

Happy Anniversay Mom and Dad!

Today was a 14 mile hike through a lot of wheat farms. A lot of them.  

This was one of many stacks we saw. 

The weather turned to rain for the first time. So, guess what we couldn’t make?  A euro if you got that one. 

One of

3 thoughts on “Hey! Hay

  1. Hi Honey – So sorry I haven’t kept up with my reponses. I read them all the time – even shared one with Monica so she could see the wonderful time you are having. Hope Tammi improves. :Hope you got Dad’s email about his cataract surgery . I have to watch him constantly because he has very specific rules and ;you know Dad. Rules are for every one but him. like no bending, no exercise, no lifting, lots of e;ye drops ( 3 drops 4times a day) but I should have mailed this sooner. Like his surgeon – young, talents and a sense of humor. Dad is doing fine. All is well! I am doing great. Love getting into my smaller size clothes that have been hanging in the guest closet. Take good care of yourself. YOu are in my prayers all day, every day.Love you so much and look forward to hearing all your adventures. I can just picture you with all the ladies from other counties. God bless you and we will see you soon. Love Mom

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