Karibu To Bukura

We flew to Kisumo and after an hour flight on a small prop plane and an 1 1/2 hour drive we made it to Bukura Rehema house.

It is small gated compound with a building that houses volunteer and administrators living quarters. A small Kitchen building, another building for the mess hall and boys bedrooms. There is a 3rd building for the babies, toddlers and girls. There is also a shed, chicken coop and soon-to-be green house.

Here is my living area for the next two weeks.

Our hosts for the two weeks are Lauren and Natalya. They are the administrators of the home and manage the entire property with 7 Aunti’s from the village to help take care of the 25 children – 24 x 7. It did not take long for some of the kids to immediately approach the Wegani’s – white person.

This is Grace and she is a bold and beautiful little girl. She took to me right away and I now have a little shadow.

It will take me some time to adjust to the way of life for these little souls. I am going to remain open to better understand how to best help now and in the future. Heading to bed – there are 7 babies to help get up changed and fed and 7 little boys that need to go to school. There for the Grace of God go I.

5 thoughts on “Karibu To Bukura

  1. Of COURSE you already have a little “shadow”! – I’m sure the kids can sense your enormous heart!! Stay safe and live in the moment….answers will find you

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