It takes a village — and more importantly a schedule.

Every morning at 6 am when you open the door to the babies room this is what you will find – and one is being changed and one is still asleep. These are the little ones and are so so precious. It is hard to understand why these children were abandon but I am not here to judge but to provide a hug when they are crying and a tickle to make them laugh.

The Aunties from the village are amazing. There are two women and a cook at all times helping to keep the child care machine running. They have it down to a precise schedule – one that is written out and hanging in our quarters.

600am – Babies up and start changing and dressing for the day and fed

630am – toddlers up, put on the potty, change for day, breakfast.

7am – last of school kids leave

9-11am – Babies nap

11am – Babies changed and bottle fed

12pm – Babies fed lunch

1245pm – younger kids arrive from school and eat lunch

2-3pm – Babies and toddlers nap. After their lunch they are typically brought out one by one to sit outside – of course after they are changed again (I did 7 diaper changes in record time)

430pm – Babies eat dinner

500pm – last of the kids arrive home and eat dinner

700pm – Bible and prayer

7-730 – Babies fed and all to bed. Karen included LOL.

I am in awe of the care that is given and the dedication of these women for so little in return. More on their story later.

And now a report on Mr. Tom:

Tom and I went into town to buy some items needed to start the tiling project. No, there is not a Home Depot but many little shops that may carry one or two or none of the items you need – grout and sand and a water heater. Water heater you say? Why would they need that – because the water heater to the shower does not work. How it works here is that there is a heater in the shower head. I still have hope in Mr. Tom to fix it.

He also started the tiling project – and yes “I helped” mostly by keeping the kids out of his way.

Still a long way to go and we will keep you up to date on the progress.

Good night all heading to bed – got them babies to get up soon.

2 thoughts on “It takes a village — and more importantly a schedule.

  1. What lovely children! I can hear the joy in your writing. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Can’t wait for the next installment! Love you! -Linda A

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