How many tiles can Tom cut if Tom could cut tiles?

Another trip into town and we were able to fine a store that could help us – sort of. Longer story, but the end result is that we are back on track. We took a matatu in to town and another great experience meeting the nicest people.

A matatu is mini-bus/hop-on-hop-off/taxi that you can wave down. You can also hire them to take you where you need to go and back for a set price. Some times they will pick up other passengers along the way. Today we hired one to take us to Kakamega which is about a 40 minute drive. The driver will take you all your stops and even come into the store with you if you need help translating and help load and unload your purchases. It cost 3000 shillings – which is a little under $30+ tip.

The rest of the day was working and playing with the kids. Some cutest overload for you from Rehema Home:

This is Bob

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