Thank You, Thank You

Thank you for your donations. We are able to purchase all the tile needed for the two nursery rooms and girls room in addition to the tile we have for the dining room. We will find out more about the car and drainage in the next few days.

The above pic shows you how far we have gone. It is about 1/2 the room. What you see is also almost grouted. The kids were all in school today so we had the place to ourselves —- well, not really.

Did I mention there was also 4 puppies at the home? This is in addition to Mom and Dan Shepard and Bob. They were anxious to be part of it all, especially curious on what Mr. Tom was doing.

And, of course the 10 babies and 3 toddlers were home with us. It was an absolutely beautiful sun shine day high in the 70’s. Even the children were able to get outside and enjoy the weather. Yes, all of them with 1-2 Aunties. Yup:

The pic above is kind of like a search and find game. Can you find all 10 babies?

Here is 5
Here is the other 5

Thank you all for the notes, and again for the kind donations. We will continue to show you the difference you are making for these precious little ones.

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