Making Progress

Another day without the majority of the kids. They are up and out to school by 7am. Belinda, who is in 6th, has to be at school by 615 and does not return until 5pm. The 4th and 5th get back around 4 and the younger ones all get back around 3. It is a very long day for these kids.

We also said goodbye to Brian and Calvin who headed off to high school. Because of their scores on tests, they are placed in certain schools. If the school is not in their hometown they have to board. It is very common here but to send off a 15 year old when they have never been away from the home they know was hard for me to watch. Of course, they were amazing and were excited for the opportunity. They even spent the day before packing their trunk for the journey.

Having the kids at school gives us the time to really work on the floor without “helping hands”. Today was grout day for me and more cutting for Tom.

I always take a break to go out and see the babies when they are outside. Here is another great way they help the kids that are ready to walk — just marvelous.

I can’t believe we are already talking about plans to return. We need to find a place for a PCR test before we leave. It needs to be a calendar day ahead of when we leave so we are going to try and find one here in Bukura on Monday. If it is positive, we won’t be able to return————-hmmmmmmmm.

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