Talk about the rains in Africa

Every day like clock-work the heavens just open up, lightening and thunder roll in and the electricity turns off and moments later the generator turns on. Last time when we were here it was not hooked up so having consistent power has been great especially when you have an electric heating unit to heat the water for your shower.

The grounds get a bit muddy after each rain as you can see the red soil on the grounds – making it impossible to keep a floor clean – but that is where the tile is a god-send for these precious little ones. During today’s rain we had Auntie Lauren, Mama Jucinta, Auntie Lois and Jack (driver) over for tea and some cookies. It was a great time as they would tell us all the funny stories of the kids and their antics.

The puppies love the new tile too

We are almost done tiling and grouting the main area and have two days to finish. Between the children, dogs and puppies it does get a bit hectic but this is their home and we enjoy the commotion. Big moment for me today – fed three babies at the same time. Sat all three in front of me and kept a steady pace feeding them rice and vegetables. Of course, there was more rice on me that may have gone into them.

Movie night at Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom’s. The children eat at 5 and at 530 we allow them to come into our room and watch a movie until 7pm devotion. It gets them out of the dining room for awhile so that Tom and I can finish up for the day. I know they are being spoiled seeing movies while we are here but it is so wonderful to be able to give them this special treat.

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