To Market, To Market

The JOIs of international travel. Up and wide a wake until 4am. Of course the neighborhood music, and barking dogs during the night didn’t help. Or the visiting cats that came in through the window who were being chased by the barking dogs. Of course, finally fell asleep until the goats and roosters helped me welcome the sunrise a few hours later. Thank goodness for the fresh coffee and chai tea waiting for me.

Today is a shopping day. We need to get provisions for our meals and we always get a list of the needs for the home. We started out going down to the local market to buy some fresh vegetables. This year we had some of the children come with us for an outing. Instead of just being the two of us we have 3 extra adults which mean 3 extra hands to hold. The Burkura market is only down the road and a short walking distance.

The market is on Tuesday and Saturday and you can purchase anything from clothes to vegetables to cloths and cookwear. To give you an idea of the pricing, we bought a dozen each of carrots, onions, and tomatoes, 2 cabbage heads and fresh ginger for under $5.00

Yes, here come the baby pics……you knew they were.

We returned home and had a chance to spend time with the younger kids and babies until our Matatu came to take us into Kakamega for a MEGA shopping adventure. And thank you to Rachel Dewey once again who sent over toys for the little ones and they loved them.

Kakamega is the nearest town and only about 1/2 hour ride. We hired a 14 seat Matatu to take the 5 of us and 5 kids into town. In addition to the needs of the home and ourselves we came away with treats for the kids and what would be a trip to town without a stop at the hardware shop.

5 filled carts later — we all fit into the Matatu to head home for dinner, prayers and of course a movie with the kids.

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