It is a Team Approach

There are many “teams” that come to Rehema Homes on a mission trip. They are part of church groups, organizations or simply friends and family like us. When we arrived a group of 11 young adults had just been here from Solid Foundation Group. A young girl Maria stayed an extra two weeks and was still here the day we arrived.

“Where you from?” “Syracuse, New York she answered, “Have you heard of it?”It’s a small world began playing in my head.

The team, aged in their mid-20’s, had to pay for their travel and all expenses and raise money for a donation. They contributed to the home by helping to purchase a much needed refrigerator, bunk beds, a washing machine, mattresses, chicken feed and a new gas stove — just to name a few things.

The JOI Team

Today was our team day to begin the preparation for our mission. We began prepping the first room by taking out the bunk beds and shelves and filling the deep cracks and holes.

1st of 3 rooms we are going to try and get done while we are here. With Wesley and George part of the tile brigade we are very excited.

AND, we got Miss Mary set up in the play room with a sewing area. There was a Mary Mending pile ready for her and she went straight to work.

Mary set up after dinner in our room and the children were fascinated.

It happens all the time. The kids will ask for my phone to play games, listen to music and primarily to take pictures and videos. You never know what you will get back. I leave you with a few photos that were captured that shows you a little slice of everyday life here at Rehema.

Self Portrait of Musimbi
An important room for all
Looking for kids? Follow the shoes. One of the dogs is always near-by.
Special Sunday treat. The kids were allowed to watch a movie upstairs.
A view from the top landing.
Stairs leading to the room upstairs
Samie is the most loving little boy.
Bigger Sammie with a serious self portrait.
Today’s lunch for the kids, rice and beans. If you wondered what we had – rice and beans, too.
Daily outing and playtime for the 10 – yes, 10 babies. Each day they come out between lunch and 2pm nap time to get some fresh air.
What would life be for a child without a little Marvel.
Alec is always around……and looking for love.

7 thoughts on “It is a Team Approach

  1. Looks like you’ve settled right in. Thinking of you all and excited to read your posts. Hugs to everyone!! XXOO -Linda

  2. Ahh! Is that baby blocks I see? And a Marvel superhero that I’m guessing Dan gave? So exciting!
    The best pics are the ones where the kids take your phone. 😍
    May you enjoy (enJOI) every minute-Cheers!

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