A Story about Joy

Joy is an amazing young women that has dedicated her life to the children of Rehema. She is from the Rochester area originally and calls Bukura her home. She takes care of the home and the children making sure that is runs smoothly and the children are taken care of. This is a 24 x 7 job and one that is very difficult even in your country of origin. Having this responsibility in a foreign country with a very different culture and skin color makes it even harder. Last year when I was here I sat down with Joy to learn more about how she came to be here.

The video was to large to upload with the WI-FI here at the home and linking it here.

Today I went into town with Joy to help her with some of her errands. Buying new mattresses was at the top of our list. The team before us had donated a sum of money to purchase them and they are desperately needed and will be so welcomed. The ones we wanted were the blue ones on the top shelf. When it was brought down the price was $500 shillings or $5.00/per mattress more expensive then her budget. That does not seem like very much to us, but when you have to buy 12 it gets very pricey and the extra 6000 shillings will help pay for other important items. Every shilling counts when you run on donations.

We made a few stops along the way to a super market, hardware store and tailor shop. We ran into people she knew and was introduced to them with a gracious hug. We even stopped for a Kenyan hotdog for lunch. Don’t worry Zweigles.

We had a rain free day so the little ones were able to come out between afternoon nap and dinner to have a ride on the whirly bird – I think that is what you call it. They were on it for a good hour without a peep and enjoying every minute. Yes, even with Tom cutting tile in the background.

Last night we fell asleep to the falling rain and tonight to the singing of praise by the Aunties. The night shift gathers every evening for prayer before saying good night and to pray over the children, family and friends. I too pray for you and yours and want to thank you for all the support you have given these children.

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