From George, a Former Rehema Child

George Mwangi

Many of you know we met George last year when he came with us to Bukura for a few days. He grew up at Rehema since he was one. He is now a 23 year old living and supporting himself as the marketing and promotions manager for Rehema. He joined us once again this year along with another former child Wesley who is about to graduate from Pan Africa Christian University. More about him tomorrow!

They both came to join the Joi Team and be part of the 2023 Mission to Bukura. He published the Rehema newsletter today and wrote about his experience being here and I thought you would enjoy reading it.

The Simplicity of Love In everyday Interactions

Having grown up at Rehema Home Nairobi my entire life, we would get a lot of teams, come and visit and help make our living areas more comfortable. I remember how excited I’d get every time our rooms got a new coat of paint or new tiling. After 23 years of witnessing this happen, I finally get to be a part of a mission and I am all here for it.

On Friday a group of 4 and I flew in from Nairobi into Kisumu where we drove for an hour and a half into Bukura a small town about 30 minutes from Kakamega town. We came to Rehema Home Bukura with the intention of tiling the little girl’s room and 2 baby rooms. We arrived and were greeted by barking dogs, excited kids, and a fleet of the most hospitable Aunties I have ever met. We spent the weekend getting settled in, getting groceries from town, and setting up so we could start tiling

A week in and I am loving being around the kids and helping out at Bukura. It takes me back to when I was a child living at Rehema Home. I can feel the love that the administration, staff, and our team pour into the kids, and get excited every time one of the kids ran up to me, or when I make their day by doing something as simple as giving them a little treat.

I see the simplicity of love in the everyday interactions between the administration, staff, and the children they care for. It is the small gestures we make every day that brings smiles and laughter, fill our home, and create a sense of belonging for our children.

As a child who has grown up at Rehema Home and now works there as a Digital Marketer, I have come to realize that at Rehema Home, love is at the center of everything. Rehema Home’s biggest mission is to provide a safe and loving home for children who have been orphaned or abandoned and to help them grow into happy and healthy adults.

I believe I am a testimony of the wonderful work that Rehema Home does and hope that everything I do while I am at Rehema Home Bukura will remind the kids that they are loved and cared for and will eventually lead them to have the best opportunities in life.

Love may be one of the most powerful emotions in the world, but it is also one of the simplest. It is a reminder that sometimes the greatest things in life are the ones that come from the heart. If you believe in the power of love and want to help make a difference in our kids’ lives, then please consider making a donation to Rehema Home. 

Your contribution will help purchase tiles, and paint which we will use to make the girl’s room and 2 baby rooms more livable. We have already started tiling and have finished tiling the girl’s room, you can see the before and after below. It will also go into helping pay the Aunty’s back salaries. They deserve it for all the wonderful work they do at Rehema Home Bukura. 

Together, you can help us continue to spread love and make a positive impact at Rehema Home. To make a donation click the link below and indicate that the money will go into our 2023 Mission to Rehema Home Bukura

Rehema Home

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