Fri – Yay at Rehema

Pretty much a normal day here at Rehema. By the time we wake up, the Aunties have the kids to school, the babies up, dressed, and fed, and are already hanging laundry. Even the dogs are up and waiting patiently outside our door for Mr. Tom. Hey, we are on vacation and we deserve to sleep in past 730! Lol

We have an Auntie that takes care of us too. We hire the Aunties to cook for us, giving them an opportunity to make extra money. They get paid a salary from Rehema when the income is available so this gives them a little something to hold them over. They are truly amazing, wonderful women who take care of this children like their own.

Sammie, Alec and Timo

These are the little boys that were part of the baby brigade when we were here in 2020. They now walk themselves back and forth to school – yes going outside the gate, down a busy rode and to the school. They come home for lunch and have the afternoon to play outside or watch the tiling and painting activity in the nursery.

One by one the older kids come home anywhere between 2 and 5 depending on the age. The girls school is further away and Jack goes and picks them up.

Sam helping with Kai

By 5 everyone is home, uniforms off, play clothes on and time for dinner. The kids all eat the same thing at the same time and then back outside to play – unless it is pouring and into the dining room they stay.

Friday Night at the Movies

Tonight we have the kids over for movies and treats. George downloaded movies onto his computer and we hook it up to a projector and speaker so all 11 of the older kids can see. I remember when we would circle around a small computer screen.

We can’t believe that we have been here a week already. We are hoping to take the kids on an outing tomorrow to either the rain forest or the pool to go swimming. Update on the projects: room two painted and tiled. Next cutting and grouting and then onto the 3rd room.

Zion says Lala Salama

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