Our Father Across the Continents.

Sunday School in Bukura

Miss Mary

Today is Sunday and typically the children all go to church. Today was a bit different. We were asked to have Sunday school at home (since our host Joy was not able to take us). Miss Mary gathered the children to talk about the most important thing you can do is to love God and one another.

Sunday School in Rochester

I also had Sunday school today with my children from Rochester. I arranged to have a zoom call with my 4th and 5th graders from my Sunday class. I had the older kids from Burkura with me during the call.

I talked to both the kids about the power of prayer and of course what everyone’s favorite Marvel and DC character. We ended with all the kids saying the Our Father across the continents.

I hope the video comes through. It was a great moment and I hope one that the children will remember to pray for each other. The adults then had a lovey Sunday family dinner followed by a little fashion show of some of the dresses that we brought from my friend Nanci.

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