And They’re Comin’ Round 3rd.

Musimbi, Sammie, Jaille, Spiderman

Today we started room three. You know the drill move the cribs from room three to room two before 9am naps and start all over again. By now we got it down to a science. First shift in for painting, second shift clean and prep, third shift tile, forth shift cut, fifth shift grout and clean and rounding 6th is Miss Mary with the new curtains. And since there are 4 of us we obviously have multiple positions.

In between working on the rooms you can usually find me holding, playing with accidentally taking) one of the little ones. Today was an absolute beautiful day-sunny and high 70s.

Joy leaves tomorrow to go back to the states for a month for a family wedding in Tennessee and a visit with family and friends in Rochester. For a special treat we had a good ole fashion bon fire and roasted marshmallows. We did not have chocolate or graham crackers and Oreos seemed to work for the children just fine.

Did you notice the sign? Just cracks us up every year. After we sugared up all the kids we sent them to bed and headed off ourselves. Take a listen to our night time serenade.

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