Our Last Day….For This Year

Today was heads and hands down finishing the third room. A few final touches and we will be done.

Miss Mary finished up the curtains for the rooms and the unending pile of repairs. The sewing machine we bought is going to stay here and will be used by Mama Jacinta. Miss Mary was able to spend time with Mama teaching her how to use it to be able to continue repairs.

Tonight was our last night with the children and spent a lot of silly time together. Sunglasses, bubble gum, and just spending time together was just what was needed by all

The time seems to move slowly while we are here and then it is over and we wonder where the time went.

Yes, and even an outdoor movie

George and Wesley had a great idea for a final treat for the children. Watching Avatar outside. life is about creating memories and this in one we will not forget.

Tomorrow is packing and cleaning and the beginning of our long journey home. We leave for Kisumu in the afternoon. Catch a 7pm flight to Nairobi and then a midnight flight to NY and the. 15 hours later……..

4 thoughts on “Our Last Day….For This Year

  1. Absolutely beautiful… just amazing, Karen. I love this documentation; to read, see and hear all about the beautiful people and beautiful work you all do. Inspiring!

  2. Thanks for keeping me on the list Karen. You and Tom are truly amazing. So inspiring! These journal entries are priceless as are the pictures. Love and peace as you re-enter America.

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